Saturday, November 14, 2009


We used to hear people say that MONEY CAN"T BUY HAPPINESS but without money you will not be happy either. MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING but without money you can't do a lot of things for your happiness. Money itself does not create happiness but the consequences of using it does.Generating more happiness starts with our own attitude towards whatever circumstances that we are facing.

Happiness has more to do with how we construed the events in our life than the actual events itself. Accept the fact that we can't change the things that happen around us but we can surely change our course of action thereafter. Be contented with what you already have and also what you know you will not have.  Happiness does not mean big car, big house, big income etc because the world have proven the chaotic and depressing lives of the rich and famous. Master the law of appreciation hence you will master the law of happiness. Happiness lies in a well -balanced lifestyle, seeing all our loves ones happy and secure and carry out charitable deeds. Always learn more, love more and live a more fulfilling life by sharing with others.

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